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Gladioli Gerona

Dahlia Wine Eyed Jill

Cosmos Candy Stripe (60 Seeds)

Cosmos Double Click Cranberries (25 Seeds)

Cosmos Seashells Mixed (60 Seeds)

Cosmos Seashells Red (30 Seeds)

Cosmos Tetra Versailles Dark Rose (60 Seeds)

Cosmos Sweet Kisses (30 Seeds)

Echinacea Dreamcoat (20 Seeds)


Gentle Hermione

Gabriel Oak

Lady of Megginch

Roald Dahl

Sir John Betjeman

Summer Song

Thomas A Beckett

Black Eyed Susan Susan Mix (20 Seeds) FG

Cleome Colour Fountain (250 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Double Dutch White (30 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Psyche White (60 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Sensation Mixed (120 Seeds) FG

Echinops Globe Thistle (50 Seeds) FG

Foxglove Alba (1000 Seeds) FG

Agrostemma Milas White Queen (250 Seeds)

Verbena Bonariensis (250 Seeds)

Cosmos Dazzler (150 Seeds)

Sweet Pea Balcony Mix (25 Seeds) FG

Olivia Rose Austin

Young Lycidas


The Poets Wife

The Ancient Mariner


Broad Bean De Monica (45 Seeds) FG

Emily Bronte

The Mill On The Floss

Scepterd Ilse

Lady of Shalott

Princess Alexandra of Kent

The Shepherdess

Heliopsis Burning Hearts (15 Seeds)

Cleome Violet Queen (200 Seeds)

Malope Vulcan (100 Seeds)

Cosmos Purity (150 Seeds)

Daucus Purple Kisses Mixed (150 Seeds)

Larkspur Fancy Purple Picotee T&M

Jekkas Herbs Bergamot Wild (180 Seeds)